Who are we?

Iskkon is a supplier of nearly all kinds of gem quality minerals including Diamonds, Precious, Semi Precious Stones, and Rough. Through our experience of over 30 years we have managed to vertically integrate all aspects of the trade from procuring rough from the mine, to sourcing polished assorted gemstones directly to our clientele.


Iskkon's Portfolio contains a large range of diamonds, including Fancy Colors, Fancy Shapes, Round Brilliant and Round Single Cuts in both certified and non-certified forms. Each diamond that goes through Iskkon gets scientifically assessed to strenuous measures. Iskkon applies its renowned sourcing to provide volumes of diamonds at a consistent quality. 



304, Harbour Centre Two, 8 Hok Cheung St,

Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR

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Raw materials are procured directly from the source for us to be sure of the authenticity of the goods as well as getting the best prices for you. 


Emeralds from Columbia to Rubies from Mozambique, Iskkon procures the most coveted gems in the world. Shaped through generations of experience, our attention to detail is expressed throughout its creation with meticulous testing for its authenticity and the precise faceting to bring out its brilliance. The most exquisite stones cut into its finest form, Iskkon has somethings that truly build value. 


Semi Precious

Iskkon holds an extensive inventory of stones, shapes, sizes, and qualities and colors. Each stone is precisely cut and meticulously measured to provide industry leading calibration.